Shreveport Federal Credit Union

Shady Hollow, Texas 1 comment
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Very bad customer service i waited 6 months on a debit card after openg my account

And ther was nothing but problems mistakes and lies for a whole year i just took my money out, if u call the bank no one ever answers the phone and if thy do u never get help thy do get peop with bad credit in a vehicle but not nearly worth the hassle, I seriously recommend tht people make this ther very last resort this is not a real bank or buisness this is a joke and needs to be investigated im positive im not the only one, my aunt opened an account with $1,000 a week after she got her checks in the mail she went to a local store to make a purchase and her check was denied" its ben 3months and she has yet to recieve her debit card.


Bossier City, Louisiana, United States #816494

For the past two years, I have had nothing but issues with this bank.It took me an entire month to receive my debit card, and every other week it seems as though it's not working!

I have never had an issue with insufficient funds, and the bank cannot give me a straight answer as to why this randomly happens. The people they have sitting at their front desk seem to be incompetent and rarely solve the issues their customers have.

I will be going to the main branch tomorrow, and closing out my account.I will be going to a bank where my money can be trusted, and most importantly- where I can have access to MY funds, that I work very hard for.

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